initiation @ nine finger canyon [ New Myth #60 ]

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composer + score + listener = generates a mythic soundtrack
a math-like process . . . without words
new storytelling process . . . an interpretative trail
Nature symbols and emotional connectors
a complex sonic ecology . . .
where each listener experiences his/her own journey thru a multi-media initiation
Unversial meanings < > individual experiences
initiation @ nine finger canynon is an open source & guided vision machine
- Willi

The Score

Listen to the Sountrack

Selected Production Communications between Willi and Composer Geoff Maddock:

There is plenty of space and time for it to grow inside. More found sounds, maybe music is more of a connector than a constant. I am fascinated by the idea of the false serenity at the end, that's very interesting. I like it, it reflects our times, an incomplete journey, the acknowledgement of lessons not quite learned or something. But the hope is there. The canyon in the background is fantastic. I went to the Grand Canyon earlier this year, it is quite a place! very humbling. Geoff

Check-out Aleatoric music!
Aleatoric music (also aleatory music or chance music; from the Latin word alea, meaning "dice") is music in which some element of the composition is left to chance, and/or some primary element of a composed work's realization is left to the determination of its performer(s). The term is most often associated with procedures in which the chance element involves a relatively limited number of possibilities. Willi

I think an acoustic guitar might be an instrument that could be part of the joining tissue. what do you think of that tonality? Now in order to get into the piece I had to start in a primeval way, I almost want to telescope from space through the prehistoric eras and up to the arrival of the indian drums in some heart beats... now I know this extends the piece beyond time, but I needed it to get into the groove, to understand where my indian feeling might come from, to emerge from some deep old place. I personally think it a beautiful and mystic beginning. And I very happy with the internal rhythm that the whole piece has, everything seems in place to me. Geoff

Please ignore the emotional connectors and highlight the samples with blending music sources. Willi


Willi: Obviously this is an experimental collaboration. What makes it difficult for you as interpreter / composer / musician?

Geoff: There are so many ways different ideas can be expressed, words and photos mean so many different things to people. I think my own interpretation is going to be quite individual as I have my own creative process that I have built up over the years, for better or worse it guides me, filters me and gives me all the ups and downs that it seems to feed off.

Willi: What's a "bad sound?"

Geoff: A bad sound is a sound that is just ugly, it's too hot and is digitally distorting, it's too bright, or it contains ugly frequencies. A bad sound you just want to get away from. A sound can be aggressive and up front, but not ugly, and you like it, you accept it. You can't accept a bad sound.

Willi: Are you painting with sound?

Geoff: Yes. In this case dabbing the canvas and trying to be careful, then going over that, then splashing it on, then slashing away. I feel like Jackson Pollock.


Willi Paul

Willi is active in the sustainability, permaculture, transition, sacred Nature, new alchemy and mythology space since the launch of Magazine on EarthDay 2009, Williís network now includes four web sites, a LinkedIn group, 3 tweeter accounts, a G+ site, multiple blog sites, and multiple list serves. In 1996 Mr. Paul was instrumental in the design of the emerging online community space in his Masterís Thesis: ďThe Electronic Charrette..Ē He was active in many small town design visits with the Minnesota Design Team. Mr. Paul has released 16 eBooks, 2197 + posts on Magazine, and over 380 interviews with global leaders. He has created 56 New Myths to date and has been interviewed over 30 times in blogs and journals. Willi earned his permaculture design certification in August 2011 at the Urban Permaculture Institute, SF. Please see his cutting-edge article at the Joseph Campbell Foundation and his pioneering videos on YouTube. His current focus is Myth Lab - a project that Willi presented at his third Northwest Permaculture Convergence in Portland, OR. Williís consulting work is at

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Geoff Maddock

Geoff is a music composer, born in New Zealand and now living and working in Los Angeles. He started firstly as a songwriter and musician in the independent music scene in Auckland, NZ with the band Bressa Creeting Cake, and then had greater success in the 2000ís with his second band Goldenhorse. Goldenhorse released three successful albums in NZ, one of which achieved 3 x platinum level of sales, and toured through Europe, Australia and Canada having released music there as well. They played with the Auckland Philharmonia and the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, for which is Geoff arranged the orchestral score. The band broke up in 2009 and since then Geoff has been working as a composer for film, television, theatre, and as a producer and engineer, recording albums for many bands. He moved to L.A in 2011 and has been working primarily as a session musician, recording engineer and writer, most notably with UK artists, the Wedding Present, Natasha Beddingfield, Daniel Beddingfield, and for L.A acts the McMains Brothers, Imaginary Persons and Reem Tamimi. He is recording a new album of original material. Please see his SoundCloud portfolio.

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